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At Electric Works, we provide an extensive range of consumer unit replacement services in London and its surrounding areas. The main work of the consumer unit is to isolate and control all the electrical circuits in your home. Over time, various modifications to your home, such as electrical sockets, bathrooms, and kitchens need an electrical system update.

When this happens, your current electric system might not be able to carry all the load and amount of circuits you now have because it was not designed for it.

Now, there is much load than when it was initially designed. Most times, during the periodic inspection, we notice that two or more circuits have been wired into the same MCB (miniature Circuit Breaker) or fuse. We also notice that some do not have the correct rating of overload protection. This increases the risk of a fire accident in your home.

To avoid this occurrence, we advise you to find a local electrician in London to replace your consumer unit.

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    Residual Circuit Device (RCD)

    The latest BS7671 regulations state that a Residual Circuit Device (RCD) must protect all circuit. A lot of homes don’t have an RCD, and this is highly important. It protects everyone in your home from potential electric shocks, and it also protects your home from fires. Since 2008, an RCD has to be installed on every cable or circuit in the home.

    These RCDs are fitted into every new type 17th edition consumer units we install. They must trip if more than 30mA of fault current exists.

    100mA can be fatal, so it trips out before that amount is attained. The RCD will trip within 200mS (0.2s). The latest consumer units have MCBs; this helps to protect the sockets from overload.

    This means if a cable is rated 10amps, an MCB must be rated below that. This will trip instead of allowing the cable to get hot. Also, for full protection, new consumer units come with 2 RCDs. This gives allowance for the splitting of the circuits (sockets, lights, etc.). Also, you won’t lose all the electricity in the house if a fault occurs. In this case, the fridge can be plugged in, and you can see in the dark.

    Are you in search of a NICEIC certified emergency electrician to help out with the installation of a residual circuit device? Look no further! Put a call across to us today.

    Comprehensive Electrical Service

    The main earth and main tails are checked, and if an update is required, it is done. All these are included in the price. All consumer units we install come with a 12 months warranty.

    Then we also issue an electrical installation certificate when we complete a work. We offer a full service in consumer unit replacement in London.

    Well Trained Engineers

    Our electricians are well-trained and registered. We offer this service for both domestic and commercial buildings. We comply with all the rules and regulations which are essential for health and safety.

    We also fit RCD circuit breakers on all the unit’s electrical circuits. We follow this standard practice to keep you and your family safe.

    If you need our service or you are searching for an electrician near you, contact the Electric works London, and we will be right there.

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