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Electric Water Heater Repair in London

We provide electric water heater repair at cost effective prices in London. If your electric heater suddenly develops faults, it could get really messy in your house. First, you have to cope with having dirty dishes in your sink, not to mention having a cold shower when it's snowy. Electric heaters may not be a day-to-day item like the shower in the bathroom or taps in the toilet. However, they do a pretty decent job of providing warm water all year round.

Your electric heater developing a fault during the winter seems like a catastrophe. First, it means all the members of your family will have to cope with a cold bath which isn't safe for your young ones. If you get any sign that your heater at home is about to break down, waste no time in getting it repaired by one of our qualified emergency electricians.

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What To Know Before Calling A Professional

Our water heater repair team are always on hand to provide exceptional service to all our clients. However, we’re not after your paycheck and will go to any length to ensure you don’t spend your money unnecessarily. There are minor issues that may be resolved without calling a professional which will charge you exorbitantly.

Below, we’ve provided some essential tips which will help you resolve some problems on your own. However, if it proves otherwise, we’re never tired of helping.

Electric Water Heater Repair in London

How To Know If Your Electric Heater Needs Repair?

The working operation of an electric heater is similar to that of a gas heater. Most times, faults are influenced by a heating element, but there are times where it proves otherwise. So, before contacting an electrician, you might want to inspect on your own to decide if professional help is needed.

The first place to check is the switch. Since the storage unit of an electric heater is connected to several appliances, you might accidentally press the off switch. Secondly, check the fuse box to ensure the circuit supplying electricity to the heater isn’t tripping. If it is, all you have to do is reset the circuit again and see if that helps.

In the case of tripping Circuit, it’s advised you to hire certified electricians in London as they don’t just happen for no reason. Resetting the heater won’t address the issue permanently and is likely to resurface at a later date.

Is water Not Hot Enough?

Most homeowners become worried when their water heater isn’t producing enough hot water or when the water doesn’t boil on time. The cause of this could be due to the capacity of the water heater, which may not be enough to supply hot water to the entire houses. Calling a professional to look into it for professional advice might be necessary. You can also look into replacing it with a bigger capacity.

Problems With Thermostat And Heater Element

Sometimes, your thermostat can be set too low to save money and energy. However, this will result in cold water coming out rather than hot. If you notice that your heater is producing more cold water, try resetting the thermostat to a higher temperature.

However, if any of your heater element is faulty, resetting the thermostat won’t do. Elements do wear out, and once they do, it’s better to replace them as quickly as possible.Reach out to us, and our experts would help replace the elements.

FAQ About Water Heater

Why does Water Heater Turn Off?

There are a whole lot of reasons why a water heater may turn off. Most times, it happens when the tank overheats, which is a sign that your thermostat is faulty. In this case, a replacement needs to be carried out.

When Should An Electric Heater Be Changed?

It’s safe to assume that a water heater should not be changed provided it’s working properly. However, it’s generally recommended you replace this appliance after a minimum of 8 years of use.

Beyond this period, you might start noticing little faults like leaks or cold water coming out rather than hot.

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