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Are your lamp or LED lights flickering, dim or not working correctly? Well, several reasons could make these happen — one of them is cable failure. All you need to make your lighting be in an excellent working condition is to replace or repair your lighting system.

At Electric Works London our profesionally experienced electricians offer repairs and replacing of lighting systems in your homes or on commercial property. Lighting cables usually run through upper-level floorboards and loft areas on a domestic property — sometimes, it is the age of these connections that affects their effectiveness. A wire connected for more than 25 years may need a partial rewiring to get it back in a good shape.

Lighting Switches And Bulb Holder Repair

Sometimes, lighting cables may not be responsible for the ineffectiveness of your lighting system. The problem may be from your switches or bulb holders —the connections to the ceiling lights or wall fittings may become loose, causing your lights to flicker or buzz, especially in the areas around the switch — bad light switches are another cause of lighting system failure.

Your bulb holders can get hot, especially when your lights are left on for a long time. This can make the outer case of the bulb holder to get brittle — when your bulbs do not fit appropriately into the bulb holder, it requires replacement for the lighting not to flicker.

Types Of LED Lighting Systems We Can Replace And Repair

We repair and replace most types of the lighting system, including:

  • General residential lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Upgrading Incandescent lighting to LED lighting
  • Exterior lighting around your house, garden, and out-building

We offer these services that comply with the BS7671, requirement for electrical installations which is the generally accepted standard for lighting design, installation, inspection, testing, verification, and certification in the UK.

Why Choose for Light Repairs

Our electrical engineers are well trained, certified, and NAPIT approved to carry out all types of lighting repairs and replacement on domestic and commercial properties. So you are assured of your safety and excellent service when we carry out lighting repair or replacement for you.

  • Our services are reliable
  • Experienced emergency electricians available 24-hour for services and respond to emergency call-outs
  • We are experienced at lighting repairs and replacement
  • Our prices are quite affordable, and there are no extra charges

Place a call to us on 020 71834006 for your quality lighting repair or replacement.