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Electrical Rewiring in London

Rewiring your house is not something that can be done by anyone. For this, you need to hire an electrical contractor who can is fully qualified and accredited and do the work in the most efficient way. Some people may not even know when their house needs rewiring. The reality is that your house may need rewiring when it becomes too old.

If the house is old and still in standing condition, then it would probably require a complete renovation. Now, when you decide to do electrical rewiring of your house, it’s time to get in touch with experienced electricians who can help in every possible way.

Here at Electric Works London, we work with skilled electricians who know their work well and will complete it within the specified time. When you think of doing a major or minor electrical work, then we should be your only choice. We provide quality services to our customers and you may reach out to us at 02071834006 today.

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How Do You Know If Your House Needs Rewiring?

This is probably the first question people ask themselves before they decide to get their house rewired. You do not need to wait for danger signs of electrocution or short-circuiting before calling for help. Below are some signs that will help indicate that your house needs to be rewired.

  • Age of the house
    If the house you live in was built around or before 1984, then most definitely, it needs to be rewired — unless it has been renovated recently. Houses that were built before 1984 did not have earth cables, and instead of copper wires, they used Aluminium wires. If you require the services of an electrician for rewiring your house, you can contact Electric Works London.
  • Presence of aluminum wires
    If you notice Aluminium wires in your home, then you are in serious need of rewiring. This is because Aluminium wires are 55 times more flammable and likely to cause a fire than copper wires— living in a house wired with aluminium wires means living in a house with live wires that can be very dangerous. If your house still has Aluminium wires, then you need to have them rewired.
  • Wooden back boxes
    Wood in the house, especially behind the accessory such as switch and socket is not good— it only means the home may be older than you think. If you can, try looking around your house, especially around plug sockets, fuse boxes or even wiring that is visible for any signs of wood. If you cannot do this on your own, you can contact certified electrician to help you out. Any wood presence around electrical outlets may likely be old and will need changing.
  • Check Out the Minor Details
    If you are unsure about the age of your house, or whether your home needs rewiring, take a look at your fuse box or the customer unit — it is likely to have the date of installation on it. This can give you an idea of that age of the house. Although it might just be the date the unit was installed and no reference to the age of the house.
  • Old wiring
    This is the most obvious sign that a house needs rewiring. Frayed or old wires need to be changed to avoid electrocution or short-circuit.

How To Be Sure That Your House Needs Rewiring

Although we have already established that noticing some signs around the house means it needs to be rewired, you still must be a hundred percent certain that it does. To do so, you need to call for periodic inspection and testing and an electrical survey— the electrical company will conduct a rewiring survey on your property and determine if it needs to be rewired or not.

During rewiring, we ensure that a full electricity test is carried out on all wiring initial inspection. Afterwards, the r circuits, consumer units, sockets and power outlets are tested to ensure they are working correctly and that they confirm to the current electrical installation regulations BS7671 18TH Edition and regarding to the part p building regulation . Finally, the client will be provided with an electrical installation certificate, and Notification to the building control organization with details of all work done.

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Why choose us for Electrical Rewiring

  • We deliver quick and excellent service to our valuable customers.
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we keep this in mind all the time.
  • We always try to give expert advice to our clients.
  • We are reliable and help you to save your time and money.
  • We have built great reputation with our quality service over the years.
  • We charge affordable rates for delivering top rated and on-time services.
Electrical House Rewiring – Electric Works London

Our electricians house rewiring procedure

When you call our electricians for rewiring a house, the first thing we do is evaluate your property and see the amount of work that need to be done. We will also provide you with a full quotation before the process starts.

Your previous connection will be checked to ensure every possible legal requirement have been met before we begin our rewiring process. During the rewiring, we ensure that a complete electricity test will be carried out on all kinds of wiring. Afterwards, the consumer units, sockets, rewired circuits and power outlets are tested to ensure they work properly and conform to the building regulations. Finally, the client will be provided with a rewiring certificate along with the details of all the work done.

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Before you have your house rewired, you must understand that rewiring is much more comfortable in an empty house.

Also, you should let the electrician know, if you would like some extra electric sockets or if you also wish to change their position.

Electric Works London provides quality electrical service to all our clients. Feel free to contact our qualified electricians in London today for your house rewiring and other electrical works.