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Electrical Rewiring in London

Rewiring your house in London is not something that can be done by anyone. For this, you need to hire an electrical contractor who can is fully qualified and accredited and do the work most efficiently. Some people may not even know when their house needs rewiring. The reality is that your house may need rewiring when it becomes too old.

If the house is old and still in standing condition, then it would probably require a complete renovation. Now, when you decide to do the electrical rewiring of your house, it’s time to get in touch with experienced electricians who can help in every possible way.

Electric Works London team’s remarkable electrical rewiring achievements

Experience-oriented - We have over 35 years of first-hand expertise in the electrical field. It is worth noting in this context that we are a fully insured electrical firm with a £2,000,000 liability limit.

NAPIT registration - as a NAPIT Part P approved electrical services in London, our work is constantly tested to ensure increased competency. You may be familiar with the abbreviation NAPIT - the distinguished group in the United Kingdom known as the National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers. Every installation performed by our insured electricians fully adheres to the NAPIT rules.

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Legitimate certification – every electrical certification that we execute is followed by an electrical installation certificate that we give. The certificate verifies that the specified installation conforms with BS 7671. This assists our customer in informing the local Buildings Department.

Long-term partnership – in truth, each electrical project is distinct and different. Over the years, we at Electric Works London have gained the required knowledge to properly comprehend a client’s particular requirements from the very first engagement. This allows us to accurately price work so that there is no unforeseen on your budget if more assistance is necessary for the future. All such concerns are handled by our experienced and expert staff. At Electric Works London, we believe in developing long-term relationships with all of our clients, because we guarantee the quality of the service for a lifetime!

How Do You Know If Your House Needs Rewiring?

This is probably the first question people ask themselves before they decide to get their house rewired. You do not need to wait for danger signs of electrocution or short-circuiting before calling for help. Below are some signs that will help indicate that your house needs to be rewired.

Electrical House Rewiring – Electric Works London
  • Age of the house 

    If the house you live in was built around or before 1984, then most definitely, it needs to be rewired — unless it has been renovated recently. Houses that were built before 1984 did not have earth cables, and instead of copper wires, they used Aluminium wires. If you require the services of an electrician for rewiring your house, you can contact Electric Works London.

  • Presence of aluminium wires 

    If you notice Aluminium wires in your home, then you are in serious need of rewiring. This is because Aluminium wires are 55 times more flammable and likely to cause a fire than copper wires— living in a house wired with aluminium wires means living in a house with live wires that can be very dangerous. If your house still has Aluminium wires, then you need to have them rewired.

  • Wooden back boxes 

    Wood in the house, especially behind the accessory such as switch and socket is not good— it only means the home may be older than you think. If you can, try looking around your house, especially around plug sockets, fuse boxes, or even wiring that is visible for any signs of wood. If you cannot do this on your own, you can contact a certified electrician to help you out. Any wood presence around electrical outlets may likely be old and will need changing.

  • Check Out the Minor Details 

    If you are unsure about the age of your house, or whether your home needs rewiring, take a look at your fuse box or the customer unit — it is likely to have the date of installation on it. This can give you an idea of the age of the house. Although it might just be the date the unit was installed and no reference to the age of the house.

  • Old wiring 

    This is the most obvious sign that a house needs rewiring. Frayed or old wires need to be changed to avoid electrocution or short-circuiting.

Which steps are included in a house rewiring project?

In the case of a whole house rewire, all existing switches and sockets are replaced with the most recent models. The consumer unit or fuse box is also replaced. The amount of electrical gadgets we utilize in our daily lives is steadily increasing over time. In other words, our electricity consumption or usage is gradually increasing. As a result, electrical systems, including wiring, must be renovated and replaced regularly. As a client-focused electrical services business in London, we anticipate your active participation in the rewiring of your house.

Electrical rewiring, in our opinion, gives the finest chance to relocate your light switches and plugs to more convenient positions. In this regard, it is worth noting that older buildings in London share a similar flaw: a limited number of connections are placed, often in inconvenient positions. A partial rewiring job is generally more important for a property that is only getting an expansion or a loft built to it.

How rewiring will be done?

We have hands-on expertise in the electrical rewiring of houses and properties at Electric Works London. Our inspector will visit your home on a predetermined day and time and provide you with a detailed price that includes all of the minor details. Our price will also include an estimate of the time necessary to rewire your house. Our professional and certified electricians will next go over the locations of sockets and switches with you. Even minor issues such as the addition or removal of lights or other electrical equipment are dealt with concurrently. Our team will try to ensure the following subjects:

  • Fire safetyon your property
  • Easier accessibility and increasing the functionality of the building
  • Energy efficiency

While performing their duties, our qualified and experienced electricians cause as little disruption as possible. Every day once the job is completed, your property is cleaned so that you do not have to live in a filthy and unsanitary atmosphere while we are busy rewiring your home.

Our team in Electric Works London  can help you in rewiring in two methods:

  • Flush
  • Surface installation

The surface installation refers to the process of concealing wires within plastic casings. In electrical terminology, hiding cables behind plastic enclosures are known as trunking. Flush wiring entails removing the plaster to insert the cables. After the wires are installed, the walls are re-plastered, so there is nothing to worry about. In comparison to surface installation, this is a more permanent option. After all of the electrical equipment has been installed, our certified electricians will perform the appropriate electrical tests. These tests are designed to confirm that the rewired circuits meet the most recent electrical requirements and that your apartment or house is electrically safe.

How much house rewiring cost in the UK

This is a frequently asked question by our clients in London. The cost is never consistent since it is determined by a variety of factors. If the home is large enough, for example with 4 or more bed rooms, rewiring will cost between £4,000 and £8,000. In other words, the larger the property, the greater the expense of rewiring would be expected. Even the time necessary to rewire a larger property is more than that required for a smaller one. A home with one bedroom typically takes 4 days to one week. A larger property with three bedrooms can takes longer than 10 days.

When a property is empty and no one lives there, everything will be much easier. There will be a little interruption, electricians typically work significantly quicker. As a result, if you plan your house rewire job wisely and ahead of time, it will most likely be completed sooner. Simply said, as a homeowner or customer, you must be prepared for all of the difficult scenarios that a house rewiring job is likely to bring up. Furthermore, geographical disparities in contractor costs play an important influence in house rewiring projects in the United Kingdom.

We ensure your satisfaction

We strongly believe in customer satisfaction so customer satisfaction is our first priority. if you’re looking for Certified electrician in London to rewire your house or property. Electric Works London is just a phone call away!