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Electrical First Fix and Second Fix IN LONDON

Electrical First Fix and Second Fix – Electric Works London

First Fix Electric

At Electric Works London we firmly suggest starting the “First Fix” step before any plastering and, in most cases, concurrently with any central heating or plumbing installation. Depending on the sort of work being done on your property, the first fix might entail any of the following:

  • Removing flooring and dashing plaster from walls in order to run wires.
  • Installing back boxes for sockets, light switches and spurs.
  • Using capping to protect wires buried in walls.

After the First Fix stage is completed, the plastering may begin, and any damaged walls or ceilings can be repaired.

Second Fix Electric

In regards to the “Second Fix” stage, only when the plastering has been completed should this stage begin. Installing plugs, light switches, and other accessories before plastering might result in a sloppy and messy finish. Depending on the sort of work being done, Electric Work’s “Second Fix”step may include any of the following:

  • All new plugs, switches, fittings, and other accessories are installed.
  • installing a new 3rd amendment split-load consumer unit. This is usually a metal case, fire rated dual RCD unit. The circuits are separated in this fashion so that if one side loses power due to a defect, the other side remains operational, and some power is accessible.
  • All circuits worked on are inspected and tested.

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