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Understanding the basics of an EICR Testing Report

An EICR report will be issued after assessing an electrical installation. EICR stands for electrical installation condition report and it takes stock of any electrical damage, fault, corrosion or any other condition that is potentially dangerous.  Only a qualified electrician should carry out an EICR

The frequency of EICRs issued for a property depends on the kind of property it is.  For example, EICR for any rental property is typically done either every 5 years or at the beginning of a new tenancy.

The importance of an EICR certificate

As a domestic electrician in London with years of experience in the trade states we would say that although an EICR is not a legal necessity, it helps homeowners from being prosecuted in case a tenant suffers from any defective electrical system in a rented property. The report certifies the electrical arrangements in a rented property meet the latest safety standards and that the landlord is not putting anybody’s life in risk because of faulty electrics.

EICR inspection procedure

Domestic electricians carrying out EICR inspection in London will thoroughly inspect the fuse-board (or the consumer unit) along with electrical accessories and wiring to locate any fault or diversion from standard wiring. They also perform the following tasks during the procedure:

  • Checking the earthing and bonding
  • Inspecting the circuits and its wiring and protective device individually and recording those results

Many severe electrical faults cannot be identified by visual inspection only. Domestic electricians in London rely on various testing gadgets to identify such faults or potential dangers.

Why choose us

Electric Works is one of the most reliable names across London and surrounding areas for EICR inspection and certification service of both residential and commercial buildings and properties. Clients come back to us because:

  • Our domestic electricians provide a thorough inspection of your property using cutting edge testing equipment.
  • We respond promptly to client calls with fast turnaround times.
  • Our electrical engineers are highly qualified and provide greater value of your money.
  • We perform EICR inspection strictly according to BS7671 guidelines.
  • At Electric Works, we offer a reasonable price that competitors find hard to beat.

You can find us easily by searching online using strings like “domestic electricians near me” from anywhere in London and its neighbouring areas.

Securing your EICR certificate in London

An EICR inspection requires high level of knowledge and skill and not all electricians are competent enough for this. Electric Works is a reliable electrical agency in London, which is technically equipped to provide this service. We are located at Elgin Avenue and offer 24/7 service at a price to suits your budget.

We have electricians technically qualified to carry out EICR inspection in any kind of property across London and surrounds. Our qualified electrical technicians have years of experience in performing these inspections and know exactly what to look for. We start with a visible test during which our domestic electricians physically look for signs of damage and corrosion like over-loaded plug sockets and worn out wiring insulation.

In the next step, we conduct a series of tests to ascertain a number of technical aspects like:

  • All the wires are properly connected
  • The wires are properly encased within an electrical insulation material
  • The existing earthing of the property complies with the latest regulations
  • The existing electrical system is capable of shutting down the power supply correctly in case of any potential danger or fault

Never leave the safety of your family, employees or tenants to chance. Contact us now for the EICR certificate.

EICR inspection and certification cost

The cost related to EICR inspection varies from contractor to contractor. As per the latest edition of the Wiring Regulations, sample testing of the final circuits is recognised in larger installations. This includes lighting and socket circuits. The sample can be as small as 10%, but such small sampling may not show the real picture and might not therefore be reliable.

One contractor may quote based on the task of testing only 10% of the circuit while another contractor may test 75% of the circuit. Consider this factor, while comparing prices for an EICR inspection. Always be aware about what percentage a contractor is going to test.

At Electric Works, we provide quality inspection based on extensive sample testing at a cost that our competitors find difficult to beat. An EICR inspection by our experienced domestic electricians starts at £400.0 plus vat for up to 10 circuits. Then every additional circuit is charged at £50 plus vat. Our electricians require about 4 hours finishing EICR inspection of a typical 3-bedroom property. Although, especially for commercial jobs it depends how complicated and time consuming the circuit is


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