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Electric Cooker Installation IN LONDON

Electric Cooker Installation – Electric Works Lodnon

Want to install a new electric cooker in London? Contact Electric Works London one of the reliable electrical company in London. Your kitchen is incomplete without any electric cooker. Do you have any questions about how to install an electric cooker or how much cost you have to pay for it. If yes, Electric Works London can explain you.

At Electric Works London, we are happy to help people by doing their electric cooker installation across the London. We work with qualified electricians who can install a new circuit for an electric cooker. If you are a competent DIY enthusiast, then you are always welcome to either upgrade or replace gas oven to an electrical alternative.

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Why electric cookers a better option to gas stoves?

When searching for the best electric cooker, you will find several benefits of using electric over gas. Electric cookers seem to be more energy- efficient when compared to gas cookers and are easy to clean and you can get maximum surface area. Electric is an affordable option than gas and you need not worry about a gas line installation. The electric cookers do not produce gas into the air like gas cookers do which is a safer option for the entire family. Also, they are great for heating up the food quickly and you do not need to worry about some of your food being undercooked.

What are different kinds of electric cookers?

If you have decided to purchase an electric cooker, then choose from electric coil cooktop and electric smooth top. Our electricians can install all kinds of electric cookers you want for your need

Electric Coil Cooktop

Electric coil is the most affordable option among all stoves. If you have a restricted

budget, then the coil should be the perfect choice. Though both kinds of stoves look similar, they have a big difference as one is being powered by gas and the other through electricity.

Electric Smooth Top Cookers

Electric smooth top cookers consist of glass tops and are probably what most people think of when installing electric cookers. Though they are more pricey, they are believed to be the easiest ones for cleaning purpose.

Electric Cooker Installation Process

Electric Cooker Installation Process

Our skilled electricians start by removing the present cooker line and evaluate the new one. We will ensure you have good wiring in place. If you do, we can use the same wiring for the installation of your new appliance. But if you do not have so, we should replace it before installing the cooker.

After this, we will perform a health and safety inspection and ensure you can access all other appliances easily. We will make sure that your cooking is operating properly before leaving your place in order to avoid unnecessary problems at the time of preparing dinner.

We conduct necessary test for the independent electric circuit. If something is not right, we will try to make the adjustments but if everything is fine, the installation process will be completed.

We will leave your property clean and dirt free by removing any rubbish being accumulated. Your new electric cooker will be a good fit for the house. We also provide a licensed copy of the Electric Appliance Installation Certificate and validate we have installed the appliance, as per the health and safety standards.

We guarantee to complete every task quickly and see that the job is done on the right way from the start till the end. Thus, you need not have to worry about repairs and malfunctions with the new installation. Your electric cooker will serve you as well as your family well for several years.

Electric Cooker Installation Cost

The cost of electric cooker installation will vary based on several factors.

It will cost more if you have a gas stove in the kitchen. But if you have an electric cooker, replacing it with a new one will be affordable. You will have to pay anywhere from £75 to £360 for an electric installation in London.

We are providing different kinds of services at competitive rates and you will not find an inexpensive option with the same level of experience. We would be more than happy to offer you a free quotation on your electric cooker installation cost.

Most Reliable Electrician for Electric Cooker Installation London

If you are looking for electric cooker installation in London, you should choose the most reliable and experienced electricians at Electric Works London

Though we are based in London, But we also install electric cookers in the following areas:

  • West London
  • Hackney
  • East London
  • Camden
  • Central London
  • Hammersmith
  • Haringey
  • Harrow
  • Lambeth
  • Southmark
  • Westminster
  • Islington
  • Kensington
  • Kingston
  • Chelsea
  • Hounslow
  • Richmond
  • Wandsworth

Frequently asked questions

Can I install my own electric cooker?

You need to be a certified electrician otherwise, you should not try installing an electric cooker on your own. Your cooker is a big appliance that should be used every day and when you try to install it yourself, you have the chances of getting shocked or severely injured. With an incorrect installation, you can actually create a fire hazard.

An experienced electrician knows how to carry out the job in the right way. You will feel more confident in your ability to use the cooker in a safe way. You will also get the certificate to authenticate that the electric cooker had been installed in a safe way.

How can I prepare for the installation of an electric cooker?

There are several things to be done before your technicians arrive for the smooth installation. Make sure you have sufficient space in the kitchen so that there is no problem in installing your cooker at the right place. There has to be ample room to spare behind and on all the sides of the cooker so that it is properly ventilated. Make sure you clean up any flammable materials which are above the space for the cooker.


How much time will it take to install an electric cooker?

If you have hired an experienced professional for getting the job done, installing your new electric cooker should require just one hour. There are some cases when it might be close to two hours in case there have been some issues with the appliance or the wiring. You can ensure that the job should be done quickly by following the instructions on preparing your electric cooker installation London.

What type of socket will I require for my electric cooker?

The size fuse you require to operate your cooker will differ based on the cooker you have. If you have a less powerful cooker that uses 2.99KW or less than that, then you will need a 13-amp socket. But if you have something that consumes 3KW or more, you will need a 32-amp socket.

What kind of cable do I require for my electric cooker?

Most electric cookers are available with the right kind of cable in the package. If your cooker did not come with a cable, then you need to buy one which is almost 1.5 meters long. It has to be reasonably thick which is either 6mm or thicker than that and of course, heat-resistant. The cable must have different wires and you will usually find three where one is with a live current, another with a neutral current, and the last one carries away residual current.

What type of isolating switch will I need for my electric cooker?

You will be getting two options for the isolating switches and these are – a double pole and a single pole. Both will help to keep you safe and protected during a short circuit. In other words, you need not worry for getting shocked.

A single pole switch will shut off live current in the wire while a double pole switch will shut off both live wire and neutral wire. This is extremely important as the neutral wire can sometimes become energized with the live wire. It is suggested to go for double pole switch as it is comparatively a safer option and you need not worry about residual electrical shocks.