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Storage and Immersion Heater Repair – Electric Works London

A storage heater is an electrical heater that heats your home or workplace with the aid of thermal energy stored in the heater, and produced by heating ceramic bricks within the heater. These bricks are built into the heater and can be heated overnight, allowing you to heat your home or workplace throughout the day.

Storage heaters can be the primary heat source in your home or office or only an addition to your central heating system. Either way, a storage heater is an essential element within your heating system and requires regular servicing and immediate repairs once you notice any faults with your heater.

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Should you install a storage heater?

If your home or office is heated on an electric time-of-use tariff plan, an example being the Economy 7 plan, a storage heater could be a necessary investment, as it allows you to take advantage of the lower electricity rates provided in off-peak periods.

But this advantage is more cost-efficient for people without gas heating, as electricity is more expensive than gas, and thermal heating might be less cheap than gas heating.

Electric Heating Repair Services

There are a number of electrical issues you can encounter at your home or office; the common ones include:

  • Damaged electrical parts and heating elements
  • Issues arising from improper and loose connections
  • Faulty thermostat.

Most people fear that repairing or replacing the faulty parts of a storage heater will be expensive, but this usually isn’t the case. Instead of having your storage heater completely replaced, our engineers can have only the faulty parts changed for you, and save you money.

Professional Immersion Heater Repair in London

Immersion Heater Repair – Electric Works London

Our certified emergency electricians are available 24 hours, so we can provide you with expert repairs and servicing for your storage heater at whatever time you need it.

Our electricians can provide individual parts of popular models and can have the faulty parts repaired and replaced in the same appointment, ensuring your heating is returned and running properly without any delay.

Repair of All Major Immersion & Storage Heater Brands

At Electric Works London, our electricians offer high-quality repairs and replacements for all storage heaters, immersion heaters and electric heaters from the major manufacturer brands, including:

  • Creda
  • Dimplex
  • Elnur
  • Unidare
  • Stiebel Eltron
  • Subnhouse

Our repairs are completed quickly and efficiently and include both domestic and commercial storage heaters. Get a repair quote from us today when you call.

Hot Water Immersion Heater Repair London

How Do Immersion Heaters Work?

Immersion heaters are electric water heaters inserted into a hot water cylinder. Immersion heaters function similar to a kettle; they heat water with the aid of electrical resistance heaters (this is the metal loop or coil attached to your heater). A cable connects your heater to its power supply, letting you heat your water even if your boiler is faulty or out of service.

Once you’ve heated your water, you can turn off your immersion heater and save energy and money. An immersion heater can provide you with all the hot water you need at your home or office, or they can be used in addition to a combi boiler.

Should You Get An Immersion Heater If You Are An Economy 7 User?

Yes. If you’re currently on an Economy 7 plan, you can take advantage of the cheaper off-peak rates by using your immersion heater to heat your water overnight, during the hours between 12.00 am and 7.00 am. This allows you to have hot water the next day, without the cost of heating hot water during the daytime peak periods.

What If You Don’t Have The Special Time Switch Controller On Your Economy 7 Plan?

The controller is designed to make it convenient for you to turn the heater on having your water heated during the seven-night hours, and turn it off after. But if you don’t have this controller, you can still use your immersion heater an Economy 7 plan; you have to remember to turn your heater on and off at the appropriate time.

How Can You Save Energy On Your Current Plan?

You can take advantage of our custom water heater servicing and repairs. Here at Electric Works London, we ensure your immersion and storage heaters not only are energy-efficient, but your home and office are heated evenly, and you get hot water without any additional cost.

You can also save money and energy by avoiding the ‘boost’ button on your heater. This boosts last no more than a few hours and uses only the peak daytime electricity, which is more expensive than the off-peak rates. In place of the boost button, you can program your heater using certain controllers to provide you with hot water when you desire it most, especially during the Economy 7 hours.

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