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At Electric Works London, we have a fully qualified and widely experienced team of electricians to provide a comprehensive service to upgrade your home electronics. If you are still stuck with an outdated fuse board then it’s time to upgrade it to a modern one that meets the standards straightaway. Fuse board upgrade is crucial to ensure safety in your home and for your family. It is worth noting, the modern fuse board consumer unit complies with the latest safety standards, allowing you to enjoy complete peace of mind for years to come.

Fuse Board – A Brief Introduction

A fuse board consumer unit is composed of three elements, namely

  • The main switch
  • An RCD or residual current device and
  • MCBs or mini circuit breakers

However, depending on the age of your Consumer Unit (CU) it may also have fuses in place of MCBs.

The main switch is meant to cut off electric supply as and when required. This proves undeniably helpful as electricity needs to be shut off at times when the fuses require resetting. It is also helpful as it helps avoid electric shocks while changing a bulb.

On the other hand, an RCD works as a safety measure. Its function is to trip the electric circuit which in turn cuts out electricity in the incidents of an electric overload, electric fault, or when lightning strikes. In other words, an RCD keeps busy measuring the electric current constantly flowing through a circuit. If this particular fuse box component detects any sudden change in the current volume, it cuts off the electric flow instantly to ensure safety for both lives and the property. This mechanism proves helpful in preventing electrocution.

As already mentioned above, your fuse board should either have an MCB (mini circuit breaker) or RCBO. Qualified electricians dealing in fuse board replacement emphasise, fuses were more common in the old fuse boxes settings whereas in modern fuse boxes MCBs are way more common. In the earlier times when circuit breakers were yet to be introduced, the safety mechanism was designed in the way that fuses would fry and break the circuit in the incident of current overload. The fried fuses had to be replaced to restore current flow through the circuit, whereas circuit breakers are designed to function differently. They turn themselves off on their own the instant they detect a fault in the circuit. As a result, there is always a lesser chance of melting of the elements and these can easily be reused.

Advantages of Fuse Board Replacement

A fuse board replacement or fuse board upgrade offers several benefits both in the short and long run. The benefits include the following:

  • Replacing an older version of the device ensures safety in your home from both electrical fires and electric shocks, as new fuse boxes are fire-rated and made from metal.
  • It makes your home comply with the latest electrical regulations.

Is It Time for Your Fuse Board Replacement?

If the existing electrical installation complies with the latest regulations and does not bring up any kind of threat to lives and property then there is no need to upgrade it. However, ascertaining the installation on basis of these conditions is not easy without proper and extensive testing. The best way to assess the condition is to have an EICR (electrical installation condition report) carried out on your property.

At Electric Works London, we possess extensive expertise in carrying out electrical installation condition testing. Our fully qualified, NICEIC certified engineers have been properly trained and are highly experienced and friendly. Our engineers are equally adept in carrying out fuse board replacements and EICR inspections. We charge a reasonable fee for the comprehensive service that we provide and have always meet our customer’s expectations.

Risks to Court without Upgrading an Outdated Fuse Board

Electricity is potentially hazardous. Therefore, accidents resulting from electricity may occur at any time and there is no way to prevent them completely. But with an older and unsafe fuse board, the risk factor of accidents increases.

According to statistics of the Electrical Safety Council:

  • There are nearly 70 deaths and 1.2 million cases of injuries resulting from electrical accidents in UK homes every year.
  • An electrical fault or the other is invariably responsible for about 50% of cases of fire in UK homes every year.
  • On the other hand, almost every case of electrocution that occurs in homes and about 20% of cases of electrical fires reported in the country are preventable by installing the RCD mechanism in place.

Invest in Quality Fuse Board Replacement and Ensure Peace of Mind

While selecting an electrician for your fuse board replacement, it is all the more important to consider few other factors than price. An eligible candidate to carry out the job will possess the following:

  • Necessary qualification
  • Liability insurance to carry out the work
  • Certification

In addition to that, the engineer will be compliant with the latest electrical regulations in the UK.

As the central electrical hub in your property, the fuse board plays a pivotal role in each aspect related to electrics. When a fuse board replacement is carried out that is lower than the necessary standards then, both the lives of your near and dear ones and your property itself are at huge risk.

Fuse Board Replacement Cost

The cost of fuse board replacement is never fixed and rather varies widely from case to case. This is because the price depends on several factors including the following:

  • The number of circuits required in the new unit
  • The type and model of the fuse board you require
  • The age of the existing installation that is to be replaced (Wiring)

The best is to contact us and talk to one of our skilled and experienced electricians for a complimentary first free quote over the phone. At Electric Works London, provide competitive prices and promise to beat your quotes from our competitors.

Our cost covers the following:

  • To safely remove the existing fuse board or consumer unit (CU)
  • To install the new consumer unit
  • All labour work and material costs related to the fuse board installation or upgrade

Contact Us

If you want to replace your fuse board and have any electrical concerns, Contact Electric Works London at 020 71834006. Our electricians will be on your premises in the shortest time possible and have promised to thoroughly check the exact cause diagnosed. Our service will be entirely transparent and discussed with you so that no work progresses without your informed consent.