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Do you need a more secured home and office? A door entry system is just the ideal choice for you. It is a security measure that makes your home, office or any other kind of building safer. This technology makes it possible for you to control people’s access to the building without the need for a key. Electric Works London has capable hands that can carry out quality door entry system installation.

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Different Types of Door Entry Systems

Door entry systems are of different types, and each having a different level of security protection. Choosing the ideal door entry system depends on your available budget and the type of building you want to protect. At Electric Works London, we install a wide range of door entry system. Some of them are listed below.

Video and wireless intercom systems

These type of door entry system are common in many homes and commercial properties. This system helps to see who is at your door per time; it can be connected to any device such as your phone or laptop where you see who is at your door any time.

When someone rings to enter your building, the device shows you a live video of the person on your device. It is also designed with an audio system which you can address the person at your door before granting access. This type of door entry system also keeps a record of any person that enters your building, and this can be useful in crime investigation. We can help you install this door entry system by simply calling us.

Proximity Cards and Token Readers Installers in London

These types of door entry system use an electronic mechanism that controls the lock. The door opens whenever a key card or an identity card (ID card) is swiped into the mechanism or tapped against the reader.

They are mainly used in offices to control people’s access to the building. In offices when most people entering have their hands occupied perhaps lifting one thing or the other, these mechanisms can be configured to open when the key card or ID card is in proximity or when you approach the door with them.

If you think this is suitable for your office, do well to reach out, and we will send an electrician your way.

Biometric Systems Installation

These types of door entry system are used in offices where a high level of security needs to be maintained. These systems use some biological identifications such as fingerprint and retina scans to ensure only trusted people can have access to the building. Our expert installers can also help out with this. Put a call through today!

Keypad Door Entry Systems

These types of door entry system need a code to gain access. This is an ideal choice if you don’t want to carry around a key card. With the code, you are sure that only the right people will gain access to the building.

As we are London based electricians, so we can help install this for you if you are in and around London. Are you scared about the cost? Don’t worry! Just put a call through, and we will walk you through the installation process.

Getting Door Entry Systems Installed In Your Building

Different types are available to choose from based on your budget and your intended level of security. The type you choose to install notwithstanding; our engineers can get them installed for you. We guarantee that your system will be installed at the highest quality that will conform to the current electrical and security standards.

Once the system is installed, our engineers will guide you on how to use the system and how it works. We can advise you on the level of security you need for your business or property if you are not sure of what system you would like to install.

Maintenance Of Door Entry Systems

Door entry systems require some level of maintenance to work properly, just like other electrical equipment. Routine checks need to be carried out to ensure that your security system works at its highest efficiency.

Our engineers will be on hand to help you if you need any malfunctioning part to be replaced.

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