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Circuit breakers are designed to shut off dangerous electrical problems like short circuits and wrong connections. Most times, your circuit can trip and warn you of impending issues—there are times when the trips occur for no reason.

If your circuit tends to trip mysteriously or you observe any form of a break or melts around the breaker switch, do not hesitate to call Electric Works London on 02071834006 and we will send one of our professionals to replace or repair any Tripping Circuit in your home. Give us a call today!

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    Repair Tripping issues

    RCDs and Circuit breakers are designed to shut off dangerous electrical problems like short circuits, overload, earth leakage and faulty wire. Most times, your circuit can trip and warn you of impending issues—there are times when the trips occur for no reason.

    Tripping Repair Service

    Fuse tripping

    loose connection which causing MCB (fuse) tripping.

    RCD tripping

    This is a common issue in our home, and it occurs due to leakage current on the faulty wire or Appliances.

    A circuit that trips may be as a result of excess load. As much as we feel we can handle the situation, a fault like this poses a lot of risk to the residents of the property. For this reason, you must call a professional that can produce an excellent result and ensure your safety rather than a Do-It-Yourself approach.

    When contacted, our electrician will first carry out an assessment and identify the cause of the problem before drawing up an estimate of how much it will cost to get it rectified. After which they will proceed to correct all loose connections or make replacements where necessary. Give us a call today!

    When To Call For Tripping Circuit Repair

    Most times, it is hard to notice the signs of tripping Circuit — spotting them early will minimise the risk of spending heavily on repairs. An instance where your breaker trips while baring little load is a sign of a short circuit, but if the switch does not trip until an appliance is plugged in, it could be a sign of an overload. Once you notice this, you should consider calling an expert at Electric Works London to carry out an inspection. At the initial stage, we might consider Connecting heavy-duty appliances to a separate circuit while an assessment is carried out.

    Free Quotes

    Electric works London offers free quotes and acknowledges same-day appointments. Our service is reliable thanks to our 100% satisfaction guarantee for all electrical repairs as well as Installation. Our services cover both residential and commercial properties— it is carried out by a team of licensed and skilled technicians. Give us a call on 02071834006 or visit us at 2 Ashworth Mansion Elgin avenue London today.

    Circuit Breaker Repair & Replacement – Electric Works London

    Circuit Breaker Repair And Replacement

    At some point, your circuits will need replacement or repairs, and that is where Electric Works London comes in —we offer one of the best circuit repair and replacement service in London. All our technicians are licensed to carry out a hitch-free repair which is done in line with National Electric Code regulations. We offer a one-off solution that makes the circuit safe to use for a very long time.

    Why Choose Us

    Repairing a circuit that trips may look like a minor task you can handle on your own but at some point, you are bound to get stuck —successful repair or replacement of a circuit requires skilled and experienced technicians.

    Electric works London has a team of professionals you can rely on to carry out a hassle-free repair and replacement for residential and commercial properties.

    You can also get a free no-obligation quote when you place a call to us on 02071834006 if a tripping circuit is posing any danger. Our services do not include call out charges, and all Installation is fully compliant with National Electric Code regulations —our services cover London and its environs and we are also available 24/7 to deliver excellent services that ensure your safety. Visit us at 2 Ashworth Mansion Elgin avenue London today!