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Electrical Fault finding IN LONDON

Electrical Fault-Finding Service – Electric Works London

An electrical faultfinding can be simple but lead to serious problems if it is not detected soon. If there is a broken appliance or loose plug, then it might be an exposed live wire in the main supply. At Electric Works London, we work with trained electrical contractors who are experts in finding faults in electrical appliances with modern technology and the right types of equipment. This has enabled many homeowners and businessmen in London to work with professional electrical fault-finding services and stay safe

Our local electricians in London are experienced and qualified to handle all kinds of electrical fault findings and repairs. Most of the common problems we find can be resolved quickly. Some of these problems include:

  • RCD tripping (fault protection device)
  • MCB tripping (circuit breaker or fuse)
  • Damaged electrical components like extractor fans, dimmer modules, etc.
  • Faulty wiring
  • Faulty Accessory replacement such as sockets, switches, fuse spur, shower isolate

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A step-by-step procedure for diagnosing and repairing electrical problems

Setting up a service appointment

Electric Works London, being a client-focused electrical service company, leaves no stone left to ensure customer convenience. You may arrange a service appointment using our simple online booking system.

Our certified electrician visits your property

At the appointed day and time, one of our trained and experienced electricians will come to your home to inspect for electrical issues.

Inspection and diagnosing the problem

The electrician will thoroughly evaluate your house for electrical issues. Once the diagnostic is complete and the faults have been detected, the professional will do the necessary repair work relatively immediately.

Enjoy the safer house

Your property will be electrically safe and failsafe once our professional and certified electrician has finished the essential repair work.

How our team will do the electrical fault finding and repair

There is no household or business property on the planet that is completely protected from electrical risks. You can put in a lot of time and money to attain your goal, but it will never pay off if the property is not totally protected from electrical risks and damages. This is why it is more prudent to have a licensed and registered electrician inspect your property after you notice the first signs of an electrical fault.

At Electric Works London, we are committed to provide comprehensive and expert electrical fault identification and repair services that protect your home or business space from any potential electrical harm. Our NICEIC-certified and Part P licensed electricians are technically competent and proficient in determining the source of a problem and resolving it in the best way feasible. A faulty wiring or a damaged socket is usually found to be the source of an electrical problem.

You don’t have to be concerned about the materials required to carry out the service. To avoid causing you any inconvenience, our fully equipped electrician will arrive with the most up-to-date tools, equipment, and replacement parts. Thus there is simply no need to leave a possibly harmful electrical issue to chance and live with it. Instead, contact Electric Works London today to schedule an electrical fault finding and repair service.

What do we do in Electrical fault finding and repair services in London?

Our team which is the most effective and dependable electrical fault finding and repair service provider in London can be broken down into the following steps:

Our skilled and experienced technicians in Electric Works London will inspect the problem you’ve reported, assess the damage it’s caused, and determine the cause. Several examinations must be completed for the expert to do these jobs.

Once the cause of a defect has been determined, the professional will undoubtedly repair it to ensure that your home is secure from electrical threats. Our electricians have all of the required equipment and expertise to quickly diagnose and treat any issue.

Once the essential repairs have been completed, the expert does a few additional tests to guarantee that everything is in working order and that the problem will not recur.

We deal with a lot of electrical issues.

Wear and tear, corrosion, environmental impacts, and, of course, aged wiring is all major causes of electrical problems. If you notice any abnormalities with your electrics, have them checked by a qualified and registered electrician as soon as possible. The following are a few electrical issues that we frequently encounter at Electric Works London:

  • Flickering lights in dining rooms
  • Electrical sockets that are loose and dysfunctional
  • Electrical sockets with no power
  • Electrical outlets are fairly hot to the touch
  • The oven is not sufficiently heated
  • Circuit breaker that has several issues or it’s broken
  • Insulation damage
  • RCD Hot dimmer switches frequently trip

Reasons to choose our company to help you in fault finding and electrical repairs

  • The electrical fault identification and repair service provided by Electric Works London is entirely carried out by a team of NICEIC-certified and Part P licensed electricians.
  • There is nothing you can supply our electricians with in terms of tools, equipment, or supplies. Our specialist arrives at your place fully equipped to complete the task quickly and efficiently.
  • We are technically sound and able to operate in all types of properties.
  • We provide our clients with numerous booking alternatives. You want our electrician to come to your house in a week? We can arrange it at your leisure. Do you require emergency electrical service? You may be confident that our specialist will be at your door as soon as possible. This unwavering adaptability gives us a competitive advantage.

Cost of Fault Finding Services in London

At Electric Works London, we have a transparent pricing policy without any extra charges. Our electrical repair services are usually charged based on the time spent — how much you will pay depends on the time it takes to locate, detect and repair the fault. Our call-out rates for small jobs and fault finding starts at £120+VAT for the first hour and we usually charge £20 +VAT per 15 minutes after that.

The standard cost for EICRs is starts from £90+VAT for the inspection and report on a studio flat. For a 1-bedroom property the price is £109+VAT and additional rooms, are charged at £20 +VAT each.

FAQ about Electrical fault finding

  • What do I need to do?

There is nothing you can do to help our trained and licensed electrician with the service. Our professional arrives at your property completely equipped with everything including the necessary gadgets, equipment, and supplies that are required for the job.

  • What places does your team cover in London?

Our electrical repair service and fault finding at Electric Works London is intended for both residential and commercial premises in London. We serve clients in the M25 area. Simply input your postcode into our online booking system to see whether our service is available in your region.

  • When is the best time to schedule the fault-findingservice?

We make every effort to make our service as adaptable as possible. You may schedule our service on any day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays. We are also available on weekends and holidays. We also provide same-day and next-day appointment services. In addition to the services already described, Electric Works London provides an emergency response service.

  • Do Electric Works London have any special offers for me?

We provide an annual membership for our customers. The advantages include reduced rates, priority booking, discount vouchers, unique seasonal discounts, and much more. If you want to use our services with extra discounts, don’t hesitate and call us today!