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Electrical Fault-Finding Service – Electric Works London

An electrical fault can be simple but lead to serious problems if it is not detected soon. If there is a broken appliance or loose plug, then it might be an exposed live wire in the mains supply. At Electric Works London, we work with trained electrical contractors who are experts in finding faults in the electrical appliances with modern technology and right equipments. This has enabled many homeowners and businessmen in London to work with professional fault finding services and stay safe.

Our local electricians are experienced and qualified to handle all kinds of electrical repairs. Most of the common problems we find can be resolved quickly. Some of these problems include:

  • RCD tripping (fault protection device)
  • MCB tripping (circuit breaker or fuse)
  • Damaged electrical components like extractor fans, dimmer modules, etc.
  • Faulty wiring
  • Faulty Accessory replacement such as sockets, switches, fuse spur, shower isolate

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How does it work?

Call our electrical contractors when you find there is an electrical fault in your house or office. We will send our professional electricians to your place within the shortest possible time.

We conduct a thorough assessment by using right tools and equipments to meet the highest standard and check for continuity on the circuits.

We carry out an elimination process to track down faults and offer valuable advice on the right repairs for the next step you need to take.

We test a single area or circuit and this depends on the fault detected. If we find additional defects, we will inform you about it and even provide professional advice.

What are the most popular Electrical faults?

Our expert electricians possess years of experience and are well-qualified to deal with all kinds of electrical repair works. We can resolve common problems quickly to keep you protected from electric hazards. Some of these problems are:

  • Broken sockets
  • Faulty switches or light
  • Damaged electrical components such as dimmer modules, extractor fans, etc.
  • Faulty connections in the wiring that can be re-wired.

Guide to our electrical fault finding service in London

If you detect there is an electrical fault in your house or workplace, then feel free to call us at 02071834006. We will send our trained electricians to you and get the problem solved quickly. Our main procedure is as follows:

  • Isolate electrical circuit to be sure it is safe for working
  • Replace defective component or faulty section of wiring
  • Reinstate the power
  • Test the entire work to be sure it is reliable

Our electricians will give advice on what need to be done and if you should do any repair or replacement work. We will also redecorate around the repaired or replaced switches.

Our electric contractors carry out an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). This is a comprehensive check that will test all the circuits and any findings and recommendations listed on the report which can be quite helpful in many cases. If you are conducting a business, then this might be needed for property insurance. It can also be part of homeowner’s survey who are planning to purchase or sell a property. Simply call us at 02071834006 to get started or visit us at Electric Works London.

Cost of Electrical Fault Finding – Electric Works London

Cost of Fault Finding Services

At Electric Works London, we have transparent pricing policy without any extra charges. Our electrical repair services are usually charged based on the time spent — how much you will pay depends on the time it takes to located, detect and repair the fault. Our call-out rates for small jobs and fault finding starts at £90 +VAT for the first hour and we usually charge £22.50 +VAT per 15 minutes after that.

The standard cost for EICRs is £225 +VAT for a report on one-bedroom property while for additional rooms, we charge £25 +VAT each.

Contact Us for Fault Finding and Repair Services

At the Electric Works London, we assure to provide you with comprehensive and electrical fault finding and repair service London. Our team of electric contractors is friendly and they provide answers to any question that you ask them. We have affordable rates for all our customers.

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