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Security lighting Service – Electric Works London

Our engineers ensure protection in your homes against intruders. Several home security options are available for people to choose from, based on their budgets and preferences. You might want to be well informed and sure of what you are getting, before having it installed in your house as a security system, which is why we at Electric Works London come highly recommended by our clients.

At Electric Works London, our electrician has a wealth of knowledge from years of experience - when it comes to security system selection and installations for your home. We offer expert advice and professional service to our clients.

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Security Lighting Services We Provide

Safety is and should be our number one priority, and at the Electric works London, we make those priorities a reality. Below are some of our home security lighting services;

  • Security lights
  • CCTV
  • Fire alarms
  • Passive Infrared sensor lights
  • Floodlight CCTV Cameras
  • Photocell sensor

You do not need to experience a burglary attack or a break-in before you take measures to protect your home— take that decision to keep yourself, family and your valuables safe by getting a home security system installed in your home today. Electric Works London will help you get one of the best home security systems installed in your home.

Before Getting A Security System

While security systems are essential, you should realise that not all can be suitable for you— before you get a security system installed, you should consult a professional for advice. During a consultation with us at Electric Works London, you will be provided with suggestions on different home security systems and estimates on their purchase and installation— to ensure your safety and security.

Some Common Security Systems For The House

  • Floodlight CCTV Cameras
  • Security Lights: Security lights are of different variations and designs. Some designs are made to be on at all times during the dark; some other types are designed to react to motion or movement, while others are designed to respond to the body or thermal heat using passive infrared sensors. Depending on your budget and preference, we can have any of these designs installed for you in no time to protect your home.
Multi-Purpose Lights – Electric Works London

Multi-Purpose Lights

Besides security lights, other lights can prove useful in certain situations — there are carriage lights, porch lights and other exterior lights— while they may seem insignificant, they can scare away intruders or light up dark areas and walkways.

Furthermore, they can also be used for outdoor entertainment.

As a professional electrician in  London, we will help you pick whichever security light you would like to have installed and had them fixed at an affordable rate.