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Is your dimmer switches malfunctioning? Airlines no longer working the way they used to? Do you experience light flickering regularly? If yes, this means that your lights need replacement or repair. Although, replacement of light switches might look simple; you need to know that the process is more complicated than you can imagine. It is beyond the use of screwdriver and pair of gloves. You need the services of a licensed and qualified electrician to install repair or replace your light and dimmer switches in London.

You can trust us at Electric Works London to provide excellent electrical services. We have professional electricians who are always available to provide light switches repairs and replacement services in London. We also put safety regulations into consideration to prevent safety hazards such as electrocution and fire outbreak.

Regardless of the lighting setup in your facility, you can trust us to get it fixed for you — we have a wealth of experience from our years of handling replacements installation repair and maintenance of light switches and dimmer switches — we ensure that the lighting in your home is functioning effectively.

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Types Of Switches Used In Homes In London

  • Single pole switch
    The single-pole switch is the most commonly used light switch in London. It functions by controlling one output within the home. The single-pole switch is the easiest to install, repair and replace.
  • 3-way and 4-way switches
    Unlike the single pole switch, the 3-way and 4-way switches are quite complicated to install. They are commonly used in bigger rooms or halls — A 3-way light switch controls an output from only two locations. While a 4-way light switch controls an output from three different areas — this means that the 4-way light switch is usually connected to a more significant number of light switches.
  • Dimmer Switch
    The dimmer switch is used to adjust the level of lighting in a room. This type of light switch is gradually becoming popular because of its ability to create a calm atmosphere and a bright ambience in a room. The dimmer switches are environmentally friendly and also help to conserve energy.

Common Issues Affecting Light And Dimmer Switches

  • Lights flickering
    Lights flickering is one of the most common light switch problems in London. It usually occurs as a result of loose wiring or poor connection to switch terminals.
  • Damaged or loose wiring
    Overheating is the major cause of loose wiring. When there is no insulation, the wires will overheat. Loose wiring is a major sign that there is a need for rewiring in the house.At Electric Works London, we offer house rewiring services in London. Our electricians are experienced and skilled in house rewiring. Contact us on 02071834006 to request for a no-obligation quote.
  • Tripping of circuit breaker
    Circuit breaker tripping is a major electrical problem in London. Its major cause is an overloaded circuit which could occur when several appliances are connected. This is a dangerous electrical problem as it can lead to fire outbreaks — it is, therefore, vital that you take note of the number of appliances you plug into a socket. Installing new lights with old fuse box can also cause an outbreak.

Do you need to install, repair or replace light switches in your house? Then place a call to us on 02071834006, and we will send our expert electrician to your doorstep within the shortest time possible.

Common Dimmer Switch Issues

  • Dimmer Switch Buzzing
    The most common problem of a dimmer switch is continually buzzing. Several causes can be linked to this fault such as overloading or a bad bulb.
  • Dimmer Switch Not Dimming
    When the switch is overloaded, it will consume so much energy. This can cause the dimmer switch not to be able to dim appropriately.

Malfunctioning After Bulb Replacement

If your dimmer switch is yet to work even after replacing the bulb, it could be that some wires have become loose. Loose wiring can be fixed by a qualified electrician at Electric Works London; we provide rewiring services in London and its environs.

Light Switches Replacement – Electric Works London

Why You Need An Expert Electrician For Light Switch Replacement

Even though it is possible to carry out the replacement of the light switches, we strongly recommend you seek the service of a qualified and experienced electrician.

By the “building regulations”, all electrical works should be completed safely, and without harm to residents of the property. Under the “part p” of the building regulations, you can repair a dimmer or light switch to a certain level to avoid hazards. A licensed electrician is experienced in carrying out light and dimmer switches replacement by the building regulations.

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You can rely on Electric Works London to provide professional light and dimmer switch replacement, and repairs in line with the Part P building regulations, and without causing electrical disaster. Reach out to us on 02071834006 to get a no-obligation quote.