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Are you considering external lighting installation in London? Look no further as the experts are just a call away. We have successfully installed hundreds of external lighting in London and its neighbouring areas. There has been a considerable increase in the number of people requesting external lighting in their homes in the past decade.

External lighting is important for the home for two reasons:

  • To make your garden look and feel better. Getting your landscape lighted will help you make more use of it after darkness has fallen
  • Better outdoor security. When your outside is bright, there will be a lesser chance of any crime or burglary to occur around your house.

Types of external lighting

There are different types of external lightings available for use.

  • Solar lighting: this is a good option and can be used by green-conscious individuals, but the lights last for just a few hours and they are not usually very bright.
  • Outdoor halogen lights: they are generally used, and you can be guaranteed of the availability of light from this source. However, a lot of energy can be wasted by the conventional bulbs, and you may end up paying more for your energy bills.
  • Energy efficient outdoor (LED) lights : this has been used for more than ten years now and has slowly grown into becoming a popular choice where lighting is concerned. The LED lights have now become more advanced and cheaper than they usually were. They are now brighter and more able to withstand the change in weather and temperature. According to a survey, LED lights can be gotten at a price which is 85% cheaper than the generally used halogen bulb.

Decorative External Lighting

You can completely transform the look of your garden by getting some beautiful garden lights in place. You can choose from a wide range of available options to help you achieve the look you desire.

Here are a few out of the many options that are available for you:

  • Wall lights
  • Ground lights
  • Decking lights
  • Driveway lights
  • Path lights
  • Post lights
  • Fence lights
  • Pool lights
  • Pond lights
  • Patio Infra-Red Heaters

Whether you need contemporary lighting or the traditional ones like the lantern shapes, you can always have the option you wish; your imagination is your only limitation.

From our quality works, we have successfully built a wonderful reputation for ourselves for over the past 20 years and have not provided our clients with anything less than the best external lightings and quality fittings at affordable prices.

The affordable price for the external lighting solutions and quality fitting we provide is because of our purchasing power. Electric Works London will provide you with what is best for your external space; you can trust our experience.

External Lighting for Security Purpose

Outdoor security lighting is one of the cheapest but effective protection against the intrusion of burglars into the home; the light shining on them will make them have a feeling that they are being watched and this will make them unable to access the house.

With security lights, you will also be prevented from an accident in your yard because you will see the paths to walk freely. If you want to understand the need for security lights more, ask the insurance companies, and they will tell how investing in security lights can reduce the number of people who will lay claim on their policy.

After we are done with the fitting of your security lights, you will place a call to your insurance company and negotiate the lowering of your premium with them. Security lights have now been provided with notion sensor which will activate the light when movement is made around it. You can also set the light with a timer.

You can choose LED lights now as many people have chosen it for its brightness and durability. It is more durable than halogen lighting, and it saves more energy.

External Lighting for your Commercial and Industrial Property

We can fit external security lights for your commercial and industrial properties. We are sure you understand the effects of having a break-in in your business premises. The vandalism, loss of property, stolen goods and even the rise of your insurance premium after each claim are not things to pray for.

Always ensure your commercial property has adequate lighting. This will not only help you secure the place, but it will also help you meet the health and safety requirements for staff and clients.

If you want to install new security lights or you want to update the old ones, give us a call on 02071834006. We will offer you amazing services at a competitive price in London.