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Now and then, there is news about a failed electrical system resulting in accidents which can be fatal in some cases, leading to the loss of lives. Electrical connections are very delicate and should be handled only by professional electricians.

Are you tired of replacing your faulty electrical appliance? Is your current electrician breaking your bank and growing way larger than your budget? Do you desire the feeling of having an electrical company which you are a hundred percent confident about? You are in luck! Our Electrician in Harrow fits in all these details.

What We Do

At Electric Works London, we provide quality electrical services to meet the needs of our clients. We understand how critical an electrical case can be, therefore we go all-in when handling any electrical equipment in a building. We care about the lives and safety of our clients more than the money we receive, so we are invested in providing only the best services.

No matter what your electrical emergency might be, we have the solution for you. From simply fixing a light bulb to replacement of old sockets and outlets or installation of huge electrical appliances, we have got you covered. We are skilled in performing correct diagnosis, detecting faults and fixing them to prevent damages in a building. We cover electrical services in all buildings, domestic or industrial. We do not take our customer satisfaction lightly, so we strive always to make our customers happy.


As a team, we offer a wide range of electrical services. You do not have to go about looking for different specialists to handle various electrical sectors in your home. With Electric Works London, you get the full package when you hire us. Here are some of the services we provide:

Fault detection

One of the dangerous things to do with electrical appliances is to use them when faulty. Our electricians have all the necessary tools to detect faults in electrical systems. If you think your appliance is faulty, it may be an easy fix. Call us and we can help you.

Replacement of electrical accessories

From lighting bulbs to sockets, switches, outlets and every little electrical fixture, we can safely remove and replace them.

Installation of electrical facilities

If you have a new cooker, boiler, heater or whatever electrical appliance that you need to install, we can help you with that. Getting a novice to install it or doing it yourself without proper knowledge can cause you more harm than good.

Fuse board upgrades

Sometimes, we need an upgrade to electrical materials. If your fuse boards need to be upgraded, we can confirm this and give you the latest, most efficient board available. We cover various locations within and around London, so we are always available to reach you in time.

Our Services Cost

At Electric Works London, we have very affordable prices ranging from £90 – £160 per hour. However, the rates differ depending on your location, the complexity of the electrical job you need, and some other factors. We will provide a free no-obligation quote, so ensure that you ask for it if you do not receive it.