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Electricity is a necessity in every building. For efficient maintenance of the appliances in a building, the electricity must be functional. At Electric Works London, we know the necessity of electricity, especially safely provided electricity. This is why we are deeply committed to providing a wide range of electrical services in homes.

From the installation of electrical equipment to the maintenance and replacement of faulty appliances, we do our best to ensure that is everything is carried out safely for the benefits of all occupants of the building.

Domestic And Commercial Service Coverage

Our electrician in Hounslow is capable of delivering any electrical service needed, both in industrial and domestic buildings. If you need a new socket safely installed, or you need your wiring checked, or you need an electrical appliance fixed, you should contact Electric Works London. We ensure that no damage is sustained during our work and your building is safe and tidy within and around after the completion of the job.

Our trained electrical personnel possess the confidence needed in this line of work. Years of experience and proper training has eliminated fear and uncertainty from our routine. We are always eager to get feedback from our clients after a job.


We offer a wide range of service here at Electric Works London. We believe that electrical works should be done uniformly, therefore we carry out a wide variety of electrical services. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Mounting of Television stands
  • Installation of alarms and smoke detection systems
  • Home rewiring
  • Replacement of damaged appliances, sockets, switches and electrical outlets.
  • Installation of socket points
  • Upgrade of sockets and fuse boards
  • Checking and Maintenance of all electrical appliances, outlets, switches and equipment.


Affordable services

One of the things we put into consideration at Electric Works London is affordability. We always ensure that our services are affordable in order to accommodate any person’s budget. We will provide A-grade service for you at an affordable price.


Our electricians in Hounslow are used to carrying out diverse electrical works. Years of dedicated service and improvement has placed us ahead in the electrical sector. We can handle whatever happens during the job because we have curtailed so many damages in the past.

Top-Notch Service

We do not take quality service lightly here at Electric Works London. We will offer you the best possible electrical service. With our skilled electricians in Hounslow and our quality equipment, quality service is inevitable.


The cost of our electrical works ranges from £90 – £160. The exact charge you get depends on several factors like your location and the complexity of your job. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote when you hire us.


Looking for a reliable and trustworthy electrician Hounslow who can provide exceptional service for you? You just found us. Contact us today by calling 020 71834006. You can also send us a mail on [email protected]. If you are in London, why not give us a visit? We are located at Unit 23 Shaftesbury Centre, 85 Barlby Road, London W10 6BN.