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If you are in Kingston and you need to fix a fuse board, replace any type of electrical accessory or have any other electrical problem that requires an electrician in Kingston, you should contact Electric Works London.

We are an electrical company that understands how important it is to have safe electricity in the home and workplace. Electrical appliances need proper maintenance at all times for them to work efficiently and also prevent unwanted accidents. Electricity can be hazardous especially when electrical appliances are incorrectly maintained or installed.

We Provide Varying Electrical Services

At Electric Works London, we provide different kinds of electrical services in Kingston. We provide an extensive range of electrical services ranging from installations, replacements, repairs to maintenance. All these, to ensure that your home is safe from any electrical hazard.

Feel free to call us on 020 71834006 whenever you need an electrician because our expert electricians are always available to help out with various electrical needs like electrical test inspection, diagnosis, detection of faults and lots more. Our electricians can also efficiently and professionally sort out all kinds of domestic and commercial electrical faults.

Hire A Professional And Have Peace Of Mind

With Electric Works London, you are sure to have your electrical problems fixed with minimum disruption to your home or workplace, and we pride ourselves in knowing that we would do an excellent job for you and also exceed your expectations with the quality of work we will carry out. Our customers are our priority and we would always attend to your electrical problem within the shortest possible time.

Our Services

Our electricians can conveniently offer the following electrical services

  • Installation of additional lighting and socket points
  • Replacement of accessories such as sockets, switches, cooker, and shower switch isolator
  • Electrical diagnosis and fault problem solving
  • Partial and full re-wiring
  • Installation of shower supplies and bathroom extraction fan
  • Fuse board upgrades and replacements
  • Bonding and earthing
  • Kitchen and bathroom lighting upgrade
  • Re-installation of storage heater
  • Electrical tests and inspection reports
  • Outdoor electrical installation
  • Installation of fire and smoke alarm
  • Emergency lighting installation
  • TV wall mounting
  • Installation of extractor fans and cooker supplies

Great Pricing System

On average, you can get the services of an electrician within the range of £90 – £160 per hour. Most times, electricians charge the minimum fee of £90 per hour based on the kind of work they will perform. This rate may also cover the cost of the electrician coming to your house and the first hour of their work.

The cost of an electrical service also depends on the contractor, experience of the electrician and the license. You may also be asked to pay a fixed price for the work instead of an hourly fee. If you need the services of an electrician without breaking the bank, do ensure you call us today.

Provision Of Job Estimates

At Electric Works London, our electrician in Kingston would always provide you with a job estimate or our hourly rates. Our job estimate is a free and no obligation one. It would contain the accurate cost of whatever service we would offer. Other factors such as any additional parts or complex work can affect the cost of our electrical service.

Our rates are affordable, and our services are second to none, so call us today for your electrical installations, maintenance, and repairs.