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A client once said, “finding a professional electrician who does not exploit is like searching for a lost pin in the dark”, and this was amusing. This, however, sounds funny, but yet it is not so far from the truth. When we hear complaints like this, and we know it is just because they have not had the privilege to experience the services of Electric Works London.

We offer one of the best electrical services in Richmond, and our customer service is applaudable. Our services are not time-dependent; that is why we do not make a second thought before responding to a client’s distress call.

An Electrical Company You Can Trust

Electric Works London is thatcompany that understands the beauty and dangers of electricity and will not let you go through any dark time. Since power is necessary for the smooth running of your daily routine (like using your boiler), it is crucial to ensure your electrical system is not at a quarter to failing you. It is essential to have a company that you can run to in case of an unforeseen circumstance.

Our installation and repair services

The home can be at a high risk if the electrical appliances were not installed correctly or if the house was not well wired. There are even records that show how many homes that have gone down to ashes because of minor electrical issues. These risks, however, can be significantly reduced if the professionals install the electrical system and appliances.

We install, repair and replace, and our electricians will always take the proper route to detect and solve electrical problems. This method includes:

  • Testing the electrical appliance and inspection of the faulty system
  • Diagnosis and detection of fault
  • Provision of the solution (which may be either through repair or replacement)

Let us help you with that electrical installation in Richmond today.

Every Job Undertaken Is Important

Our works are both domestic and commercial, so we can gladly help you change the sparking outlet in your bedroom or install a new plugin your office. Our services are not only on a small scale; we also handle significant projects like wiring an office complex or public place which has never been wired before.

We are professional in our dealings and will never leave your surroundings untidy. We work with our safety wears to prevent accident and also clean up the environment to be sure that no mishap occurs when we go. Hire us today for that mini maintenance job or the complete wiring of your home and we will ensure an excellently done job.

We are a call away

Distance is not a barrier with us as our services are provided all over Richmond. We have provided electricians around Richmond to help every resident of the area enjoy professional and timely electrical services. Our services are affordable and done with only quality materials.

Reaching us is not a challenge. you can book an appointment or call us in the middle of an emergency, and we will answer. It is never too early or late to schedule an appointment; let us have your bookings now.