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At Electrical Works London, we provide unbeatable electrical services from homes to commercial facilities on a 24-hour basis. Our electricians are certified and qualified to carry out electrical works across London.

Safety and security of persons and belongings is our top priority when performing any electrical project. So, if you need a qualified electrician in Westminster, we’re your best bet. It would be very risky to have an inexperienced electrician fix your electrical system. The damage can go from mild to worse. Expensive repairs may also be incurred and time wasted, which is why our electricians in Westminster are here to provide high-quality electrical services that will stand the test of time and ensure comfort.

Our Electrical Expertise

Our electrical services range from repairs, replacement, installation, and maintenance of home and industrial electrical systems. This is done in a very safe and hassle-free manner for optimum performance and overall safety. Call us anytime for your electrical needs.

We have a team of highly trained and experienced electricians that can perform a wide range of electrical works. Any time your electrical system fails, we’ll first carry out a diagnostic inspection to know the cause before proceeding with our safety standard of repair or whatever the solution may be.

We Carry Out Repairs And Replacements

From electrical diagnostics, test inspection, to fault detection and fixing, we’re a complete electrical company. We can replace or install a new plug socket, perform partial or complete rewiring of your facility, and do preventive maintenance as well. You can rely on us for electrical work with less disturbance to your home. We’ll also clean up our workspace after completing your project. Contact our electricians in Westminster for top electrical services anytime.

At Electric Works London, we pride in our ability to meet and surpass the expectation of our London customers for every electrical project. You get satisfaction and value for the money spent when you hire us.

Our electrical services include:

  • Partial and complete rewiring
  • Kitchen and bathroom lighting upgrade
  • A wide range of electrical diagnostics and fault fixing
  • Repair or replacement of electrical fittings like sockets, shower switch isolator, cooker, switches, and much more
  • Renewal of storage heaters
  • Bonding and earthing
  • Emergency lighting installation
  • Electrical test and inspection repairs
  • Installation of fire and smoke alarm
  • Installation of extractor fans and cooker supplies
  • Wide range of external electrical installation
  • Additional lighting and socket points
  • Fuse board upgrades and replacements
  • TV wall mounting
  • Installation of shower supplies and bathroom extractor fan

Where Can You Find Us?

We provide bespoke electrical services across London for homes, offices, schools, and other commercial buildings. If you need a proficient electrician Westminsterfeel free to give us a call now.

For every day of the week, our team is available to detect and fix your electrical system to ensure it is functioning properly. We perform:

  • Light and bulb replacement – Do you need new light bulbs to replace the old ones or to upgrade the illumination in your space? Give us a call, and it will be done
  • Fault detection and repair – We find and fix short circuit, faulty electrical accessories and broken electrical systems
  • Replacement of various types of electrical accessories – Call us to transform the lighting in your space to a high-end modern lighting. Our electricians can replace your ceiling lights, bedroom lamps, plug sockets, and what have you
  • Electrical installation condition reports – Our expert electricians carry out very complex electrical work like Part P notifiable work, electrical inspection and testing for all kinds of building
  • New installation – Of course we can effectively change faulty and old electrical fixtures and fittings and have modern accessories installed for you. This includes new sockets, shower points, additional lighting, cooker, etc

How Much Is Our Electrical Services?

From £90 to £160 per hour, you can hire an electrician in Westminster. That’s the average price. But depending on the type of electrical work, an electrician might charge a minimum fee. If an electrician’s minimum rate per hour is £90, it may cover the cost of hiring an electrician for home service and their first hour of work.

The price varies significantly depending on:

  • The area you live
  • Additional parts
  • Complexity of the work
  • Experience of the electrician and license
  • The contractor

However, you can either opt for an hourly payment or a fixed price for your electrical work.

We provide free non-obligatory job quotes. You can also request for hourly rates; most electrical contracts can provide an accurate job quote. Call us today, and we will be glad to help with your electrical works.