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The name Electric Works London is one that deserves your trust in the aspect of electrical repairs and installations. We have a team of accredited and dedicated emergency electricians who will give their best to solve your electrical challenges. We provide quality emergency electrical services to both homes and offices at very affordable prices. We handle every kind of electrical emergencies, including short circuits, fuse breakdown and power failure.

Our emergency electrician in Chelsea is always on standby to keep your property safe from electrical damages. We willrespond to every distress call within a few minutes and remedy the situation with our incredible skills and equipment. Do not worry about the price; we do not overcharge.

Our emergency electrical services:

The following is the list of the emergency electrical services we offer in Electric Works London:

  • Emergency repair if tripping or generally faulty circuits
  • Fitting of security lighting
  • Inspection and testing of sockets and switches
  • Electric water heater repair
  • Testing and repair of electric fuse box
  • Rewiring of houses
  • Repairs of storage heater
  • Installation and repairs of light and dimmer switches

Our emergency domestic and commercial electrical services

Our team is well trained to handle electrical emergencies both at home and in public places. We fix fuse boxes, change switches and even fully rewire a house if need be. You can trust the engineers at Electric Works London to help you with the following services:

  • Repairs of your storage heater
  • PAT testing and certificate
  • Landlord safety check and verification

Our emergency electrician offers the following 24-hour emergency services:

  • High-quality jobs with high safety standards: the services of our emergency electricians are always timely and of very high quality. Since electricity can sometimes be dangerous, we offer you our best to keep you safe.
  • Professional workforce: every electricians are trained and experienced. The knowledge stream covers almost every aspect of electrical work.
  • Tested and trusted services: we can be trusted with every electrical emergency. We do not disappoint; not even in the face of an emergency.
  • 24 hours availability: we are here whenever you need us. We will answer whether in the morning, noon or even at unruly hours of the night to fix your home or office electrical system.

How to get our emergency electrician to come running for you

There are four easy steps to get us to your doorstep. Just follow these:

  • The call You will first need to call us and give the details of your electrical emergency. The customer care agent at the other end of the line will be taking note of your complaint and your location.
  • Evaluation We will evaluate your report and determine the urgency of the case. From there, we will know if you need a domestic, commercial, or an emergency electrician to do the work.
  • The arrival of an electrician This is not as time-wasting as you think. Within a few minutes, the suitable emergency electrician will arrive at your doorstep to handle your need.
  • Solving the problem When our emergency electrician in Chelsea is done with the fault-finding (if need be) and solution, you can be assured that the issue is handled.

Make that call today

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