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Have you been struck with an electrical emergency? Has your electrical board, fuse or light gone bad at a wrong time? Do not panic! Electric Works London is your go to source for emergency electrical services and other electrical works in and around East London.

Our emergency electricians in East London have been well trained and prepared for cases like this and others. Call us today or book an appointment with any of our engineers. We are always available to provide help.

Tackling Emergencies in East London

Electrical situations are no joke, and when it becomes a threat to life and safety, it becomes an emergency for us. You may not know what constitutes an emergency electrical situation, but we can tell you that emergencies can range from short circuit, partial or complete burning of fuse or circuit boards, to partial or complete power outage etc. They can happen at anytime,including late-night hours and even during the holidays.

Our Electrical Services

Besides our usual expertise in general electrical services and installations, our emergency services which are available at all times include the following :

  • Repair of faulty or bad circuits, switches and boards
  • Wiring and rewiring
  • Emergency repair and replacements of lights and lighting fixtures
  • Testing and replacement of Fuse boards
  • Repairs of electric underfloor heating
  • Repairs and maintenance of storage heaters
  • Fixing and repairs of electric water heaters
  • Fault finding and repairs of electrical problems etc

Why Hire Us?

At Electric Works London, we take pride in our work, and our customers’ safety and satisfaction is our top priority. When you call us for your electrical emergency, you can be assured of the following

  • Constant Availability: it does not matter how late you call. Our emergency team is always ready to respond to your distress call at anytime or day.
  • Excellent Service: rest assured that any electrical problem we are called for is always rectified. We provide excellent and quality electrical services in record time and also during electrical emergencies.
  • Team Of Professionals: We have experts and trained professionals who have been equipped with the knowledge and experience to fix, install and ensure a properly functioning electrical system.

Our Mode Of Operation

When you call us for an electrical emergency in East London, we follow certain processes to ensure that our emergency electrician in East London gets to your location in the shortest time possible. Here is how we go about it.

Enquiry: Our work begins when we receive a call from a client for help in an electrical situation. We will get the information we need regarding the problem you have.

Evaluation: This is where we determine whether or not you need an emergency electrician or a general domestic or commercial electrician. By nature of the problem, we would know which electrician to send over to you.

Dispatch: After evaluation, we dispatch the appropriate electrician that you need to help you out.

Problem-solving: Our emergency electrician is guaranteed to get your electrical problem solved. Afterwards, they take preventive measures to prevent such issues from arising again.

Emergency electrical problems are no joke, and this is why we have an amazing team to handle them. Our emergency electricians in East London are your reliable source of electrical safety and relief in emergencies. Get in touch with us today or book an appointment by giving us a call.