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Every home needs an emergency electrician. Faulty switches, blown fuses, loose wires, new appliances that need installation, the list is endless. It is not just enough to have an electrician, but in addition, you must ensure that the electrician is experienced, competent, offers high-quality service and is readily available. This is because electrical emergencies can come up virtually at anytime, and one must be alert to prevent one of the numerous dangers a faulty electrical system can cause.

If you are in dire need of an emergency electrician in Kingston with all the above-listed qualities and more, then Electric Works London is the company for you.

24/7 Available Electrician

At Electric Works London, We have an emergency team always on standby to respond to your distress calls. This means that whenever you need our help, you can simply contact us. Our availability at diverse locations in London makes reaching our clients very easy. We have the experience and a willing team; all that is left is your call.

Our Services

Some of the emergency services we offer include;

  • Rewiring of houses
  • Fault finding and fixing
  • Fitting of dimmer switches
  • Repair and replacement of faulty switches and sockets
  • Installation of electrical appliances

Our commercial and industrial services

Whether it is a minor fault in your home that needs fixing or a major installation you need in your factory buildings, we can handle it. We do not restrict our services to less complex buildings. Our electricians are experienced enough to know precisely what is needed and to deliver efficiently.

Also, we can give you other electrical necessities like:

  • Landlord safety check and verification
  • PAT testing certification
  • Storage heater repair work

Why choose us?

Some of the reasons why we stand out at emergency electrician in London include:

Customer satisfaction

The first thing every customer wants is to be satisfied with the execution of a job. From our high standing reputation, you should have a clue about our customer’s satisfaction. We do not take the satisfaction of our customers lightly in this job. When we communicate with you, we listen to your problem and ensure that we fix it.


Since electrical work is a necessity in every home, we ensure that our prices are very affordable. Our excellent services will be given to you in exchange for an affordable price.


Everyone wants an electrician that they can contact at anytime of the day, and get an immediate response, and this is one of our qualities. Our accessibility to customers within and around Kingston makes it easier for us to reach our customers. The moment you call us, we will show up in no time.

High Quality

All our works are done by emergency electricians in Kingston that have gone through high-quality trainings. Also, all equipment and materials used in our work are of high quality.

How do we work?

  • Enquiry: After you contact us to make enquiries, we will meet as a team to describe the problem.
  • Evaluation: We access the information we have and find a possible solution to your problem.
  • Dispatch: We then send the electrician to the building where the service is needed.
  • Solution: Finally, your job is fixed completely.

Contact us

We can assure you that the above-listed information is a typical breakdown of our service. We promise to deliver as expected. If you need an emergency electrician in Kingston, then hurry and contact us now on 020 71834006. We can’t wait to see the satisfaction in your eyes after our job is completed.