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EV Charge Point Installation

Electric Works can save as much as £500 on Installation of an EV Car Charger for your Business or your Home

EV Chargingpoint Enstallation

Having been approved by the OLEVO (The Office of Low Emission Vehicles Office), we are able to offer you a saving up to 75% off the usual price of having an EV car charger installed at home or at the office. We have been approved to submit applications for grants to save you up to £500 for a domestic EV charger installation and £300 for a commercial EV charger point installation with a maximum number of 20 EV charger points per client. Get in touch with us today and let us carry out a free survey. We think you will be surprised at how little a personal fitted EV charge point in London can be.

How can we help with EV car charger installation in London?

  • We offer savings of up to £500 on charger installation for EV cars in London
  • We install Domestic and Commercial EV 240v EV Chargers
  • We are OLEV and NICEIC Approved electrician
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"The good news is that It there has never been a better time to have an affordable EV car or vehicle charger installed at your place of work or at home."

"Electric Works want to make your electric vehicle charger purchase a reality. There are just three simple steps between you and owning your own EV car charger"

That’s right, your own EV Car Charger installed for you in London AND up to £500 off that installation, as well as electricians that are approved by the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) who are dedicated to doing the installation.

One question that we are often asked is “Why do I need to have a professional electrician do the work to install an EV Car Charger?”

The fact is that there are relatively few electricians who have been approved by the OLEV, in London, for this very specialised kind of installation.

EV Chargingpoint Installation For Tesla

Because we have the necessary approval, we are able to apply for a grant for the installation for you and that will save you anything up to 75% off the usual cost of installing your EV Car Charger, in London. This could mean up to £500 saving on the installation cost of a car charger or could also be applied to an EV car.

As electric cars and hybrids become more affordable and popular one concern that people will often voice is their worry about the currently available network of charging points. If they feel that it will be difficult to find a recharging point they may change their mind about their purchase.

Having your own EV car charger at home or installed at work will reassure you when you buy an electric or hybrid car, but even better is the fact that you may also be able to save up to 75% or £500 off the installation (whichever amount is greater) by choosing Electric Works in London to install your home or office EV car charger.

What kind of EV car charger do you install and can I chose where I have it installed?

"Having our no-obligation survey will help us explain the options and show you how you can have your EV car charger installed precisely where you want."

In general people will ask us to install their charger in their garage to keep it secure. On office premises it is common for dedicated recharging bays to be set up for EV owners.

When the decision of where the charger is to be installed has been made we will carry out a survey that will be detailed to give you all the options available, allowing you to decide the place that you think will be just right for your EV car charger.

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"Electric Works London has fitted many EV car and vehicle chargers in London and have just won a contract with one customer to install 500."

What do the initials EV mean? Why does it specifically have to be an EV car charger?

We are often asked this question. EV stands Electric Vehicle, and that means any vehicle that works from an electric motor, either fully or partially such as purely electric vehicles, plug in hybrids, and any other hybrid extended range EV’s as well as vehicles that run on hydrogen fuel cells. Most EV vehicles will be charged using 110v sockets, and that means they can be charged at home, but that is likely to take a lot longer than it would with a connection to a 240v source.

EV Chargingpoint Board

As an example, Tesla gives these figures:

  • Tesla Model S charged with a 110v outlet will charge at a rate of three miles of range/hr.
  • Tesla Model S charged with a 240v will charge at 29 miles of range/hr.

Clearly the 240v charger cuts charge time for an EV. Electric Works in London will install a 240v car charger resulting in a saving to you of anything up to 75% because we apply for a grant for this from the government.

Once the survey specifics and the price have been agreed we will go ahead and apply for a grant from directly from the Low Emission Vehicles Office. This is not normally a very long process and we will normally be able to get your charger installation date fixed fast.

Once your EV car charger is installed whether that is at the office or at home, we will make sure that you are totally au-fait with how to use it. For any queries or problems you have after that, we will always be at the end of the phone to talk you through it.

"It would be totally understandable if you chose Electric Works for our AMAZING prices but the truth is that we are one of the best EV car charger installers in London."

Let us give you some more reasons to convince you that your decision to come to Electric Works is the right one.

  • We have installed hundreds of EV Car Chargers both within London and also in its surrounding areas
  • We know exactly how to install EV chargers safely and efficiently
  • We know how to apply for and get your government grant that will save you up to 75%.
  • Our customer service is the best, from the installation to after care – just call us
  • We are qualified to do the work and because this is never a job that should be done DIY, you do need one of our fully qualified engineer experts
  • We get it right every time and that is because each one of the Electric Works team is also a qualified electrician
  • We guarantee our work so that you do not have to worry. There is no hassle and money to be saved.
  • The price we quote will not change, there will be no hidden charges.
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"We know that you deserve a definite date for any electrical installation you choose to have and that once your charger has been installed you should be clear about how to work it and because of that, our engineers should stay with you until you are confident with your newly installed charger.

THROUGH our free electrical advice and FIXED price guarantee, with NO hidden extras and our FREE quotes we believe that at Electric Works we are offering you the BEST."

Have your EV Car Charger point fitted at a time to suit you, in London, and let us get you a government grant that will save money for you.

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Enjoy our FREE survey.
  • Our survey will identify the installation that is needed
  • We will quote for the work
  • We will complete the installation in London
  • Making sure your EV charger is installed exactly where you need it is our priority
  • We double check any requirements you have
  • We will guarantee a fixed price all our customers in London
  • There will never be any hidden extras; you pay what you are quoted and no more.

Since electric cars arrived on the scene the demand for EV car chargers in London has grown and continues to grow. Electric Works have now installed hundreds of EV car chargers, both for commercial and private clients.

Contact us now to join the growing band of Electric Works customers who are enjoying their professionally installed EV charger points.

During that time, we’ve made a tremendous amount of people in London feel great about having their electric car charged from their home or work EV charger.