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10 Old Tricks of Wiring Commercial Electricians Use

The commercial electricians try to think out of the box and make magic happen with new electrical wire installation. There had been lots of trials and errors going for several generations on the tricks of wiring. Go through this blogpost to know about 10 tricks of wiring used by the commercial electricians in London during the earlier times.

  • Use hanger’s end to search for the drilling area – You have to take a coat hanger or an insulation hanger to snip off the end at an angle of 45 degree. Try to insert it into the drill and create a small hole at 45 degree angle on the floor just next to molding. 
  • Take tennis ball for pulling cable – It is important to tie jet-line to tennis ball at the time of pulling communications wire. Make sure you throw ball to the destination of wire and hook it to the string and then pull accordingly. 
  • Hot air gun to bend PVC conduit – A hot air gun is available whenever you require rapid bend for the PVC conduit. Try to heat the area till it is liable and then make the bend. The large conduits may bend with the insertion of the conduit’s area with a 3 or 4 inch PVC tee and hot air gun in the leftover opening in the tee. Make sure you leave conduit in the tee till it can completely bend. 
  • Make big holes without proper drill bits – When making large holes for the conduit, commercial electricians create the template where you need to drill a series of holes around the exterior area. Try to follow with one center hole and make sure you are at the right level. Try to finish it with 1/2″ rigid and use a hammer for banging out the hole completely clean.
  • Take paper for holding a screw on the screwdriver – Use a paper of almost 1/2″ by 1/2″ to wrap a screwdriver’s head and then slip it into the slot on the screw. This will work the best when the slot is deep enough. You might need to bend the paper once for tightening the slot which will also work for nut-drivers.
  • Use new light bulb for replacing the old one – At first, you need to test and see if the circuit is already dead. Then you should clean broken parts that are there into the socket by using pilers or screwdrivers. Insert new light bulb in the socket by twisting in reverse as this removes broken end of old light bulb. This needs to clean all damaged parts which make the socket ready for new light bulb.
  • Keep the wires dry with silicon – The idea is useful when working in damp areas or running underground. You may take little silicon and spurt in wire nut to keep moisture and water away. Once the silicon dries, it is fully air tight.
  • Use cotton string for cutting PVC – You may take a cotton string than a hand saw or hacksaw at the time of cutting PVC pipe conduit. Then wrap string around the conduit and “see-saw” the ends. The friction cut the PVC cleanly soon like a hacksaw and does not need the space. Nylon string won’t work as nylon and PVC melt together.
  • Anti-itch remedy for insulation – There is a solution to keep the itch away. Use baby powder or corn starch and then apply it to your arms, face, neck and hands. The powder helps to protect skin from insulation and avoids itching as well as irritation. 
  • Easy clean up – You have to purchase 2 wide paintbrush and take it in the tool pouch. This usually comes in handy for cleaning the dust and metal shavings from boxes and panels.

Thus, get in touch with commercial electricians of Electric Works London who can help in changing old electrical wires and install the new ones with ease.