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Everything about Electrician Prices and Average Hourly Rates

Are you worried about the safety of your electronic appliances? Well, this should be your top concern when repairing any electrical device. Electricity can be a major source of danger and it is important to hire an electrical contractor for detecting necessary faults and repairing them on time.

How much will electrical contractors charge?

When hiring an electrical contractor, they usually charge a minimum fee depending on the kind of project to work with. This is also the case for small projects. If the minimum hourly fee for an electrician is £50, it will only cover the electrician coming to your house and their first hours of operation. The rates will vary based on where you reside in the UK, the electrical contractor, their years of experience and valid license of the provider. In general, your electrician will either charge for an hour or a fixed price for the job. The electrician cost per hour in London, UK ranges from £40 – £60, on an average.

When hiring an electrical contractor, you should be extremely careful as they might be some hidden cost factors. So, make sure you stay prepared before deciding to hire one. Ask for estimates or hourly rates as most electrical contracts will provide with accurate price quotes. There are other factors too that can affect the cost of electrical job such as any additional parts and complexity of the job. It is always better to hire an electrician who will quote for each job as hourly costs may change and they can get less incentive for completing the work.

Electrician hourly rates and guarantees

There is a major difference between the rate received by the electrician and the rate charged by him. Travel, business expenses and supplies are not always added in the bill. However, many electricians make it clear about the actual costs, labour costs and other costs.

You should not search for companies for the small jobs as they won’t be interested in carrying them out efficiently. Furthermore, hiring an electrician for some additional work will certainly cost you less as most electrical contractors will be pleased to work on such projects and work without the overhead of an electrical company.

Cost factors to consider when hiring a local electrician

  • Distance: If you hire an electrician from a distant location, then they will charge you more and include travel expenses into the hourly costs.
  • Accessibility: The easy the project might be, the less you will have to pay. If your project involves complicated work such as running a new circuit through the finished walls, then the price will increase as it will require more time to complete.
  • Experience: There are three licence grades for electricians and these are – Trainee Electrician, Electrician, Electrician and Site Technician.  Each grade requires years of experience, in-depth knowledge and proper testing to know the rates for the work.
  • Location: The further away you stay from London, the less you will probably have to pay.

How much will electricians charge to install the lighting?

If you are planning to replace or install a light or lighting fixture inside or outside the house, then the price list will provide with estimation for the installation cost of each electrical work to be done.

Electricians price for central heating

The central heating problem diagnose from £50 to £80 for the first hour and £40 for each hour. It usually requires 1 hour for diagnosing most problems and the rest can be done within 2 hours.

Electrician cost per hour for wiring and rewiring properties

  • The cost of rewiring a house depends on its size and it will be £2,700 for a full rewiring, on an average.
  • Wiring a newly built three-bedroom house is comparatively inexpensive and costs somewhere around £2,500.

Costs for electrical survey

The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) suggests checking all electrical appliances once in every 10 years. An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) will detect if circuits are overloaded and ensure all electrical wirings are safe. Earlier, EICRs were known as Periodic Inspection Reports and they should be carried out by an accredited electrician only.

Price for PAT Testing

It is definitely a good idea to perform portal appliance testing or PAT and check your electrical appliances and equipments are safe to use. The price for PAT testing usually depends on the number of items you need to get tested. The cost of Portable Appliance Testing may differ between the electricians and estimate from £3 – £4 each appliance for hiring a PAT testing company. Besides, if you need to take care of a non-domestic property, then PAT is extremely important and you must ensure any electrical equipment is kept in a safe condition.

Some benefits of hiring an electrical contractor

  • Provide different services depending on the electrical problem such as – circuit board, fuse box, plug socket replacement, underfloor heating repair, shower, oven and rewiring of outdated cables or replacing complete electrical wiring system.
  • Use their skills and expertise in electrical maintenance and wiring for the work to be done safely and on time which offers quick access to electricity.
  • Search for a permanent solution to the electrical problem than fixing ineffective solutions that do not detect major problem affecting your efficiency and electricity output.
  • Suggest cost-effective methods or materials for repairing or replacing electrical wiring and appliances by directing you to trustworthy electricians whom you can trust upon.
  • Use high-tech and latest equipments to repair the problem than using outdated tools.
  • Provide post-installation support for the completed work and make sure things run smoothly for several months. If they are not done, electricians will fix them again usually for free.
  • Comply with necessary guidelines and recommendations on electrical installation, maintenance, repair and replacement works.

Thus, when hiring an electrical contractor, make sure you shop around to find the most affordable deal and see they are fully certified with the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting. Electrical works can be extremely dangerous and should be performed by qualified electricians only who are associated with Electric Works London and whom you need to pay for the electrical work being done.