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Best way to Avoid Electrical Short Circuits

Short circuits are one of the most common types of electrical mishap at homes and offices alike. They can cause serious damage to both your electrical system and property. A qualified electrician in London explains the accident occurs when a path with low-resistance and not suitable to carry electric current receives high volumes of electricity.

The result or effect a short circuit may range from damaged appliance, electric shock and even a fire. The emergency electrician stresses on the fact that you just cannot neglect the aspect of taking preventive measures against electrical short circuits. Else you are putting yourself and your family at huge risk – both physically and financially.

In the following sections of the blog post, let us explore few tried and tested tips to prevent short circuits in the electric connection.

Effective tips preventing electric short circuits

Check an outlet before using: A box with wires attached can be found behind every electrical outlet in the world that is functional. Faulty wiring is one of major causes of short circuits followed closely by loose box connections and an outdated outlet. It is not always very easy to diagnose these problems because usually they remain concealed behind walls. But you can avoid short circuits easily without going in unwanted complexities. Examine an electric outlet every time before use. If you identify any of the signs mentioned below, you should better know there is a strong chance of a short circuit occurring:

  • Burn marks or burning smell coming from an outlet
  • Tiny sparks coming out from the outlet
  • Sounds like popping or buzzing coming from it

Keep in mind if an outlet is over 20-25 years old it is more prone to an electric short circuit. You must contact a registered electrician immediately if you come across any of the factors mentioned above.

Check appliances before using: Just as with electric outlets, you should also check your appliances before plugging them in. Faults in an electrical circuit or wiring inside an appliance can also trigger a short circuit. Therefore before plugging in any appliance do check for the following signs:

  • Damaged wire, casing or cord
  • Multiple cracks in an appliance
  • Appliance shows an exposed circuit

If you come across any of these symptoms, either you get the appliance professionally repaired or replace it with another, suggests our friendly London-based emergency electrician.

Limit your electrical usage during storms and thundershowers: Electrical short circuits are more frequent during storms, lightning and thundershowers. If you use huge quantity of electricity under any of these weather conditions an electric short circuit is likely that can cause severe damage. Just cut short and reduce your electrical usage during any of the weather conditions mentioned above. This will not only help avoid a short circuit but also minimising any damage in case of a power surge.

Importance of basic circuit breakers: Circuit breakers are designed to protect your electrical systems from short circuits. This range of crucial electrical system components is usually placed inside the electrical panel shut off valve. A circuit breaker is very sensitive and it automatically gets activated and breaks the electric circuit whenever it senses anything wrong. It is important that you keep performing some tips at regular intervals to ensure the electrical circuit breakers at your home maintain their optimum efficiency.

  • Check every circuit breaker in your home for signs of any damage, crack, wear out or loose fitting.
  • Know which circuit each of the breakers installed in your home controls.
  • Use a dry cloth to clean every dark stain and spot collected either on the breaker or the panel.

A comprehensive electrical inspection once a year: A thorough annual electrical inspection invariably proves effective avoiding short circuits and electric fires. Qualified electricians perform thorough check on your overall electrical system to identify any potential danger and damage.

Qualified electricians at Electric Works London are well-trained and experienced to carry out all the services mentioned above. Feel free to contact us for any help any time.