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Perform Your Electrical Works or Hire an Emergency Electrician

Every homeowner can do some kind of electrical works by themselves. However, it is extremely important that you possess necessary skills and great expertise to know about the type of work you need to perform. If there are some electric faults in your home, then you may contact an experienced emergency electrician who can help to get them repaired or replaced quickly.

Make sure you do any electrical work only when you know to carry out the task safely and legally. Accidents may occur at anytime as people do not know what they are doing. Electrical works can be risky as well as unsafe when not done in the right way.

The following information is a complete guide on the minimum legal safety requirements for doing electrical work on your own, both safely and legally.

Before you may start any work, make sure:

  • you possess in-depth knowledge and necessary skills
  • you are not working where the conductors or terminals are live or might become live
  • the power has been turned off

What electrical works can you do?

You must live in as well as own the property for doing the following work on low voltage electrical installations when there is no payment or reward:

  • Remove and replace any of these fittings where the work does not involve work on any switchboard:
  1. Switches
  2. socket outlets
  3. permanent connection units
  4. light fittings
  5. batten holders
  6. cord grip lampholders
  7. ceiling roses
  8. flexible cords connected to any permanent connection unit, ceiling rose, or cord grip lampholder
  9. water heater switches
  10. thermostats
  11. elements
  • Remove and replace fuse links
  • Connect as well as disconnect fixed wired appliances
  • Relocate lighting outlets, present switches and socket outlets that are being supplied with electricity by tough plastic- sheathed cables.
  1. Install, alter and extend sub-circuits including sub-mains offered that you:
  2. must not enter any enclosure where live active conductors are there
  3. cannot connect work to electricity supply on your own
  4. must test the finished work and connect to an emergency electrician in London who can verify the safety of the work before connecting it. It is advised to consult with the inspector before starting with the alternations, installation or extension.
  • You may repair an appliance but:
  1. you or your close relative should be an owner of it
  2. it must be used by either you or your close relative
  3. it must not be kept for commercial or industrial use
  4. the work must be done along with the requirements of ECP 50

What are some electrical repairs you can do yourself at home?

  • Replace switches, water heater switches, socket outlets, lamp holders, ceiling roses, elements and thermostats
  • Repair light fittings
  • Repair or replace flexible cords that have been connected permanently to ceiling roses or outlets
  • Disconnect as well as reconnect permanently wired appliances
  • Move sockets, lighting outlets and switches but only when they are wired with tough plastic-sheathed cables
  • Install, alter or extend any cables that come from street to the switchboard
  • Fitt plugs, appliance connectors or cord extension sockets to a flexible cord
  • Replace fuse cartridges and wires

Do your own wiring

When doing any kind of wiring work in your house, you must:

  • Make sure the power is already switched off before you start.
  • Ensure that you do not work in any enclosure where terminals or conductors are live or could become live.
  • Ensure that if you install, alter or extend cables, you do not connect your work to electricity supply.  The completed work should be checked and tested by an electrical inspector.  If it complies with safety requirements, then the inspector will connect it, test it, and then provide you with a Certificate of Compliance.

If you think you have made a mistake, make sure the main switch has been turned off. It is already time to get in touch with a licensed electrician at Electric Works London who will check the work and correct it, when needed. If you do any unsafe work, you might injure yourself or your family member and thus, could be prosecuted.